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My Approach

I believe in the power of optimism and that within each of us is the capacity to heal and evolve into our best self. You hold the resources and skills to live a fulfilling life and I encourage clients to trust in what resonates with them. I will partner with you to identify goals for therapy and establish treatment priorities. I work towards understanding an individual’s inner world and life story to get to the core of the issues.  Assisting you to uncover how life got off track and how you can get back to moving in the right direction is my goal.  I encourage clients to involve their significant supports in the work that we do. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than helping someone see what they have never seen before! Nothing excites me more than witnessing the miracle of love renewed and restored. I am passionate about helping others find a way when it seems there is no way and it seems that no hope exists!


People can thrive when they are supported in a connected relationship. A safe therapeutic relationship is shown to be critical to the client’s outcome in therapy and is of utmost importance to me. I work from a biopsychosocial approach which is holistic and considers biological, psychological and social aspects of life. I nurture a safe, respectful and accepting environment.  Areas of practice include:  life transitions, grief, chronic illness, palliative, depression, anxiety, women’s issues and relationship and family problems.



I work with adults in one on one sessions and offer group therapy and support.  My work focuses on personal growth, transformation and empowering my clients. Therapy will help you unpack and reorganize how you understand yourself. Improved self awareness is one of the most important steps towards wellness and a more compete and balanced life. The relationship you have with yourself is foundational to all other relationships. I draw from a range of psychotherapeutic approaches to meet individual needs.

I am most proud of my  flexibility and innovation in offering my services such as "Off the Couch" walk and talk therapy. Details for Walk and Talk therapy is under my "therapy" heading.

“Each morning we are born again.  What we do today is what matters Most.”                                            - Buddha     


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